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Yoga Teacher Training YTT with Michelle Marlahan

We call it Yoga Teacher Training, because that’s what you’ll be prepared to do: teach.

But it’s really something different. More.

It’s personal investigation….
  where you will create a   
 deep and lasting relationship with yourself
…………. ……built on honest and clear seeing
   supported by self-love, compassion and respect
so that you can hold that space for others
  to know themselves intimately, deeply, clearly.  



Enrolling in a yoga teacher training is a big deal. It’s a time commitment, a financial investment, you have to prioritize some things as you “go back to school” and it’s hard work to learn something new at a deep level.

For some people, the most painful obstacle to enrolling in a teacher training is the fear of not being “good enough” or the worry that it’s a selfish thing to do.

But here you are. Maybe been drawn to the idea of a teacher training program for a long time and the stars have finally aligned for you to do it (or you realize that there is never going to be “the perfect” time and you’re ready to do this for yourself despite everything else that’s going on).

All you know is this: you love yoga. You feel better and stronger when you do it regularly. It helps your stress, you sleep better, you take better care of yourself in all the other ways when you’re in your practice, too.

You may love it so much, you feel like you have to share it with other people. Your friends and family might think you’ve gone a little crazy because you talk about yoga all the time.

You’re trying to get them to come to class or you’re on the floor in the living room showing them a cool pose you just learned.

You’re at a place in your practice where you’re curious about all the aspects of yoga. Maybe you’ve hit a plateau and you want to explore where to go from here.

At this point, you know you need a systematic approach to learning more about asana, philosophy, breathwork, the history of yoga, and how you can bring it more into the rest of your life. Yoga is the thing you are excited about in life.

It’s time for you to do something you love, something for you.

Enrolling in a yoga teacher training will help balance your life and keep you interested in the world outside of work, parenting or the status quo. There’s more to you than what you do or how people see you.

In our seven years of running programs, people from all walks of life have gone through our teacher trainings: women, men, ages ranging from 20s – 79, mothers, full-time workers, students, those wanting to teach, those terrified of teaching, those with no interest in teaching.

We have two programs corresponding to where you are on your journey:

200 hour YTT – you are curious about becoming a yoga teacher -or- you want to learn about the full breadth of yoga practice, including the poses, history and philosophy, meditation and breathwork… and you have no interest in teaching

300 hour YTT – you are a teacher or have completed a 200 hour TT and want more support, depth of information, specialized training, and to set yourself apart from the hundreds of other 200 hour teachers out there

*Scroll down to the headings for each (200 hr and 300 hr) for specific details, or read below for information about It’s All Yoga, our philosophy and approach to training (aka, “why we’re different”).* x

Who we are and how we approach learning and Yoga

Our Community
At It’s All Yoga, our main demographic is the more “mature” spiritual seeker (mature in all ways…). Most of our folks are in their 40s, 50s, 60s and even 70s. (But don’t let that fool you…our physical practices are up there with the best of them and crafted to build strength and deeply explore the poses.) Our TT groups are reflective of that.teachers at It's All Yoga Sacramento

In every teacher training program we’ve held, the age range has been from 20s – 60s. This influences our topics and conversations in the best of ways, and we learn from each other because of the diversity in age, outlook and life experience.

Our programs are for serious practitioners who are interested in lifestyle, physical and emotional health, safety in asana and how Yoga can support them in their day-to-day lives.

Our asana classes range from gentle to experienced, where we investigate inversions, arm balances, backbends and more technically detailed poses. (But let us be clear that you do not need to be able to “do” all of the poses to participate or benefit from this program. There is no asana grading.)

Content and Approach
You will learn full spectrum of Yoga practice. You will not get a script. You learn how to integrate the philosophy of Yoga into your life and teaching (should you choose to teach).

The foundation of Yoga practice is the philosophical and spiritual support. Our programs are based around your personal exploration of how the history and philosophy of this old practice is relevant in your life.

Together we observe the line between the beauty of the tradition and what it means in today’s world. Since we are not a style-specific studio, our teacher training asana (pose) explorations have many influences. What could be called a general Hatha, we pull from the specificity of Iyengar, the accessibility of Viniyoga and we do “vinyasa,” though not at the pace of what is common in that style – a sense of embodiment and awareness is essential, so flow classes tend to be slower with more pause.

We also explore Yin and Restorative styles. Our anatomy and kinesiology emphasis is unparalleled. We bring in two uniquely gifted anatomy teachers who make the study experiential, relevant and meaningful to you as a yoga student and teacher. Healthy movement patterns and uncovering your own pattern habits – in and outside of the classroom – are a key part of every weekend.

Size and Formatyoga class at it's all yoga
We hold just one program every 1 or 2 years with no more than 14 students, making this a personalized experience with individual attention.

The Unscripted Unknowable
And then there’s that intangible, individual knowing or need each person comes in with — what is realistic, healthy and wise in their body?

How can we encourage them to tap into that wisdom under all the conditioning and story we each have? Someone might be in what looks like the “perfect” pose and still be completely unaware and unfeeling (and unsafe!) in it — that is not Yoga.

This is why we do not use a prescription-based approach to asana.

Each person is seen and treated as an individual with a life story in his/her body. It is not the “easy” way to teach or practice – it asks for our attention, presence, practice and skill. All things we explore together at each IAY teacher training weekend.


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

You are entering an intimate relationship with yourself through Yoga. Our job is to help open that deep knowing and inspire you to practice and teach from a place of creativity, adaptability, sensitivity and compassion.

Rather than a prescription for how to teach yoga, this in-depth study is an invitation to cultivate a language of yoga that comes from your own grounding in the practice.

Blending the fundamentals of teaching with an exploration of the body, poetry, sutra study and philosophy, the voice of your inner teacher emerges.

Why this training?200 hour YTT at It's All Yoga

Bonus: Read first-hand reviews from graduates of our 200 hour program.

Because we teach the full spectrum of Yoga practice — what that means on the mat, off the mat, as a student and as a budding teacher.

You will not get a script.

You learn how to integrate the philosophy of Yoga into your life and become a yoga teacher, should you choose (specific coursework listed below).

The foundation of Yoga practice is the philosophical and spiritual support. Our program is based around the Yamas and Niyamas and we explore the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita and some Buddhist philosophy.

We are not a style-specific studio, so our teacher training asana (pose) explorations have many influences and you will not be stuck with just one way to teach. Your training will pull from the wisdom of Iyengar, Viniyoga, Yin, Restorative and Vinyasa.

We teach and train in the philosophy that there is no one right way to do a pose…or put another way, not every body looks (or should look) the same in every pose. This takes extra skill and care as a teacher.

Even if anatomy is like a foreign language to you (which is is), you will have an experiential understanding of the body. It’s not about memorizing every muscle name — it’s about having a functional awareness, understanding the diversity of bodies, knowing about safety in the poses and in sequencing.

We bring in two uniquely gifted anatomy teachers who make the study experiential, relevant and meaningful to you as a yoga student and teacher. You’ll learn about your own patterns and physical habits as well as how to safely teach others.yoga anatomy

The core of our program is aimed at the question, “What is Yoga to you?”

The feedback from grads that we get about our program is that it is more a Life training. So while we go over teaching methodology, philosophy, asana, anatomy and you leave with a much richer understanding of the body and kinesthetic movement – this is all for the purpose of seeing yourself more clearly.

We believe this is the essence of Yoga. And we believe we need to endeavor to that first before we stand up in front of a group and ask them to do it.

Size and Format
Our program schedule of 10 weekends over the course of five months allows you time to explore, question and assimilate what you are learning. Our average class size is 12 students.

Our Community
In every program we’ve held, the age range has been from 20s – 60s. We had one grad turn 79 as she completed her 200 hr teacher training! This makes our discussions rich and that becomes an important part of the learning.

This program is for serious practitioners who are interested in lifestyle, physical and emotional health, how to teach and how Yoga can support them in their day-to-day lives.

Coursework exploration includes:beginning yoga

  • The Art of Teaching
  • How to teach the poses safely
  • Touch and adjustment
  • Understanding opposing action
  • Reading a group
  • Finding your own dialogue and voice
  • Practical application of the chakras
  • How Ayurveda can support your health
  • Why what you’ve been told about normal standing posture doesn’t work
  • Practice anatomy and movement
  • Injury prevention and what to do if someone shows up with an injury
  • How to best support expectant mothers, those with a scoliosis, and other special circumstances
  • and so much more…

IAY Yoga School is for anyone wanting to:

  • Steep in Yoga (with the big Y)
  • Increase their understanding of poses, breathwork, history, philosophy and modern application
  • Have more support around Yoga study and practice
  • Learn to teach classroom Yoga (if that is your desire) from a practical and intuitive place

Expect to have a lot of fun, learn how to teach yoga and get personal with your own life!

Get details — next program starts January 2018

We’ve had trainees who have studied in other YTT programs, college programs, coaching programs and more comment that our program is the most comprehensive, thorough and impacting work they’ve ever done.  

If this is the type of work you are interested in, check out the dates and details for our next 200 hr program starting January 2018.

You can see the dates and FAQs, get the application (which also has the dates), or sign up. We look forward to being in Practice with you.

300 hour Advanced Studies (for 500 hour certification) 300 hour yoga teacher training

We are thrilled to offer our Advanced Studies Teacher Training for 500 hour RYT certification.

This yearlong program is for those who have completed a complementary 200 hour teacher training and have teaching experience, and also for those with a serious yoga practice seeking fun and personal growth.

You want to set yourself apart in the sea of 200 hour teachers, yet you don't want to have to travel to the Bay Area to get more education (we will bring those teachers to you).

You already know the power and transformation of a teacher training, so you know the structure and accountability of a program gives you more support than you can get on your own.

You've been teaching and/or practicing for awhile now, and it's time to truly be a student, collaborate with differing viewpoints, and dive back into the deeper layers of Yoga.

Our main question through this year will be "What is "advanced" Yoga?" This may seem like a simple question, but the layers peel back and reveal assumptions, conditioning, biases, judgments and stigmas that are critical to look at.

As a long-time practitioner, you know there is no "there" to get to and this program reminds you again and again that we are as unique as our fingerprints.

Teaching "off script" requires us to be present, to have the knowledge and ability to teach individuals even when in a group, and craft a class that is meaningful as much as it is physical.

advanced yoga teacher training

Weekend Review Board

In this 300 hour teacher training, you will:

  • amplify your understanding of anatomy and the uniqueness of bodies
  • understand Ayurveda and how it can enhance your health
  • get personal with the chakras and subtle energy
  • learn how to apply the therapeutic applications of yoga practice in your teaching
  • learn to really tune in to and read the room
  • explore working with specific populations
  • deepen your own connection to this practice
  • and so much more

The 300 training is offered by Michelle Marlahan, with faculty of Mary Paffard (chakras and philosophy), Richard Rosen (sanskrit and sutra), Lisa Biow and Bella Dreizler (meaningful anatomy), Kim Wagaman (the spine and scoliosis), Traci Joy Burleigh (ayurveda) and more.


This 11-month program meets once a month. Hours and other requirements include:

  • Contact weekend hours
  • Observation and assisting
  • Non contact hours (outside study)
  • 45 additional workshop/class hours (not included in cost of program)


For information on our next scheduled program, email us.

This yearlong program is a beautiful opportunity, as well as a serious commitment. Please email us with any questions, to meet with Michelle or to talk to a past graduate. Also read the information above on this page for more about our education philosophy and the studio in general.

We look forward to being in practice with you!

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